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Additional Support and Resources

When you are trained by an IMSE instructor, you become a lifetime member of the IMSE community.    Our goal is to become partners with teachers and schools to drive continual reading excellence.


Once you complete an IMSE training, teachers have access to ongoing complimentary mentorship throughout their career.  Teachers can utilize this service to ask specific questions about individual students' needs or brainstorm lesson ideas.  It is one of the extraordinary elements of the organization that truly drives lifelong instructor/teacher relationships. 

Refresher and/or Consultation

A beneficial in-person consultation at your school to reinforce effective reading strategies and techniques. Every teacher knows that learning is an on-going process. In our Refresher and / or Classroom Consultation, an IMSE instructor and teachers come together to review materials, ask questions and share successes. In addition, an instructor may visit your classroom to demonstrate techniques and provide expert feedback as you implement the strategies or an instructor can model teaching to your students.  IMSE customizes the length of this workshop to meet your needs.  

Please call us at 800-646-9788 to customize and schedule your refresher/consultation.

It is a valuable opportunity to:

  • Observe an IMSE instructor working with your students
  • Discuss your teaching strategies
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the IMSE methodology
  • Reinforce the confidence necessary to ensure success
  • Ask questions specific to your classroom

Educational Resources and Products

The materials we use in our trainings and sell in our store have been strategically curated to help teachers weave reading, handwriting and written expression into one logical body of knowledge.  We have combined our experience in reading instruction with the input of dedicated teachers across the country to assemble a list of the best multi-sensory educational resources available.  These books, cards and charts provide strategies that will help the teachers and students excel. We are delighted to share these resources with the community.   Click here to browse our products.

OG Weekly

Once you complete an IMSE Comprehensive, Intermediate, or Advanced Continuum training, you are automatically elligible to receive OG Weekly - IMSE's weekly email series designed to support you once you are back in the classroom. OG Weekly is comprised of reminders, helpful tips, lesson ideas, and content refreshers to help you remember everything that you learned during training and implement it in the classroom.