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About Us

About the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education

Every child should be able to read. We're on a mission to help teachers make that happen.

The one thing we ask of our schools is to teach our children. But often, teachers don't have the tools to accomplish this. We train educators to teach reading by using a proven, multi-sensory approach called Orton-Gillingham.

We are teachers, and we know how you feel.

All of IMSE's instructors are   CERI certified  educators who have used Orton-Gillingham in the classroom. We understand the challenges that you face in a modern, diverse classroom. We know what it's like to watch kids struggle to read.

Orton-Gillingham helps teach reading more effectively.

IMSE's Orton-Gillingham program educates teachers on how to explicity and effectively teach reading to beginning readers. Using multiple senses, children can better understand the rules of the English language. This is effective in the classroom because it allows educators to teach children in the way that each individual child learns best. 

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Multi-sensory education belongs in the classroom.

There's a misconception that Orton-Gillingham is only a one-on-one tutoring program for children with dyslexia. A multi-sensory approach makes reading easier for all children, not only those with dyslexia. When used in the classroom, Orton-Gillingham makes all children better readers.

We believe that schools would have fewer struggling readers if they used this approach, and we are working with schools to move in that direction, one classroom at a time. See, Hear, Feel the Difference with IMSE. 

We need more trainers and teachers to prepare future minds.

You can show your students, their parents and your school system the value of multi-sensory education. If you're a teacher, attend an Orton-Gillingham training session near you.  We also need more trainers to bring multi-sensory education into classrooms across the country. Let us know if you're interested in becoming a trainer.

IMSE is nationally accredited.

IMSE is accredited through the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) as an Accredited Program. IMSE abides by all of IDA's Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading. Please contact IMSE or IDA for further information.


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